Optical instruments 3D

3D optical instruments simulator is a modern system that enables learning and improving of the maintenance of the optical instruments. This system allows to operate in learning mode (getting to know about construction, maintenance of the instruments by using 3D models) and also in exam mode (examaining trainees by using visualisation scenarios).


Simulator is build from two kind of stands: instructor (lecturer) stand, and trainee stand. Each of the stands is completly equipped by our company, below is a lis of main system components:

  • dedicated furniture,
  • handles,
  • instruments,
  • computer with installed software,
  • computer displays,


Instructor stand allows to manage trainees stands:
  • select, control the course of the exercise on each trainee stand
  • recording and storage of the course of the exercise for review later
  • preview and took control over exercise control on selected stand
  • create training scenarios
  • review and print exercise results stored in database


Trainees stand allows to virtually operate selected kind of instruments. Groud for work on this stand are 3D models of optical instruments that are part of the equipment of Military Forces in Poland. Depending on configuration of the stand, those models can be displayed in 2D or projected by two independent video signals to the displays in gogles, making 3D stereoscope visualisation. Virtual range for maintenance of the instruments includes identification of separate elements in the

The virtual operating range of optical devices includes the identification of individual functional elements in the longitudinal and transverse system, and the dismantling and assembly of the basic components of the device. Disassembled components can be viewed from any perspective by turning, zooming in and out. The stand is equipped with a 3D manipulator that allows to perform all operations related to moving in a virtual environment.


Technical details

Work modes:  

Local (single learning/practicing stand)
Network (instructor stand + unlimited number of trainees stands),

Visualisation technology:


2D (monitor, projector)
3D (VR gogles) - option

Avaliable optical instruments:  

Laser range finder TRUPULSE 360R
Binoculars 7x45 and 7x45Z
Prismatic binoculars US
Prismatic binoculars BCS
Prismatic binoculars MW
Binoculars 7x50 ZEISS
Prismatic binoculars 7x50 COMMANDER III
Binoculars NAVIDOC
Handheld laser range finder Griffin PLRF 25C
Sight AWS Kondensor
Collimator sight CK-01
Collimator sight CKE-4MR23
Optical sight T-3
Artillery binoculars TZK
Doubler type sight
Thermal-night-vision goggles DSQ-20M
Tachometric sight GP-02MR
Night-vision binoculars NPL-1M
Night-vision binoculars PNS-1
Night-vision NPW 57A
Telescope TChP-U 23
Artillery compartment PAB-2A
Azimuth cap ANB-1
Observation periscope TPKU-2B

Development & support

Depending on the needs, configurations with additional stations, external equipment and software functionalities are available. Within the executed projects, the company provides the option of expert care in the form of training, servicing and development support.