Locomotive EP09 simulator

Locomotive EP09 simulator is an advanced training device that allows training and improving of the driving skills for current and future train drivers.

ep09 02 727

Locomotive simulator - driver's cab exterior view


symulator ep09 03

Locomotive simulator - driver's cab interior view


symulator ep09 01

Locomotive EP09



  • train driving simulator reflects real interior for Pafawag 104E series EP09
  • driver's cab mounted on platform with 6DOF motion system
  • modular design - possibility for further development of the simulator
  • one instructor workstation allows to manage multiple cabs
  • simulator's cab eqipment, motion and surrounding sounds as in a real cab
  • possibility to generate over 24 different malfunctions and faliures in locomotive or whole train
  • scenarios trainings including different level of trainee's experience
  • digital visualisation for 350 km of the real railway route (defined by customer)
  • database of trainees and instructors


The simulator includes:

  • The training work station (driver's cab)
  • The Instructor’s work station
  • Simulation software



  • The didactic function
  • The qualification function
  • The scientific and research function

The simulator corresponds to the requirements stipulated in the regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure and the Development of 23.10.2014 (OJ of 2014 item 1566) on centres for the training and examining of locomotive drivers and candidates for locomotive drivers.